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How sad is this little thing?  It used to have lots of  bright yellow attachments (which have long since become robot parts wrapped in layers and layers of tape) and a black hose which someone hit me in the leg with once and was never seen again. (It stung.) Anyway, sad indeed. Rescued multiple times from the Goodwill box (I mean it still turns on!), it eventually went (insert sad music) down to the basement where I suppose it’s been talking to all the other mistreated and neglected toys in a Woody and Buzz kinda way. *Sniff*

But things started to brighten up for it  last week when my daughter developed an urgent need for a pink vacuum cleaner toy and I was really in the mood to spoil her (I got stuck in the hospital for a while and she reeeeaaallly loved that I was finally home).  So that very minute we jumped into the car and went to MANY toy stores and found NOTHING that was pink. We even hit Goodwill and several consignment stores and niente. I gave up and started adding stuff to my Ebay watch list thinking maybe I’d try again at Christmas.

So this morning, I was in my crazy studio (room heaped with fabric organized in no particular way) looking for some felt for her to cut up and glue and I saw the sad little vacuum and brought it up with the felt. She started cutting and I started cutting….

     I found some other “attachments” and in about 15 minutes, she had a new little pink vacuum cleaner (well, new to her).

Anyway, she’s very happy and I am very happy. In fact, I so love that it was so easy to keep something so big and plastic out of the ground that I’m going to make it a weekly tradition. Nothing huge, but I’m going to try and do something little to refresh something that’s already ours and currently, well, gross.

I mean, don’t hold your breath or anything. We’ll see. I say I’m going to do a lot of things. Meanwhile, I’m being told I should also be vacuuming.


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