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So this is a very beautiful, basic idea that I learned about by reading this recipe by the wonderful Lidia Bastianich. It never ceases to amaze me how differently people do things, especially simple things like frying zucchini.  Until tonight I have put zucchini in egg and milk first and then in breadcrumb and parmigiano cheese, the way I do eggplant when I want to make parmigiana. But a super crisp crust doesn’t like to roll-up, so sometimes I just leave  my involtini naked like I do with eggplant involtini which I grill and then bake with sauce and cheese.

Kids, however, at least in my house, don’t do well with the texture of zucchini or eggplant without it being dressed up as junk food. And so Lidia’s recipe was worth a shot and the oil splatter, too.

I started tonight’s little bites, by doing it Lidia’s way and slicing the zucchini nice and thinly, although I had to use much larger zucchini than the ones she uses.  It looks like our garden will only have a few more coming and they are really small still.  So, I sent my husband to the farm stand for these.  Beggars can’t be choosers, I know, but this beggar will be more specific next time, I assure you. Regardless, you slice them about 1/8 of an inch thick.

Then you set out a colander (on a plate) and two bowls.  In the first bowl you beat 5 eggs (yup) and in the second you just put a few cups of white flour. A slice gets floured, then dipped in the egg, then waits in the colander to drip off a bit before frying.

After letting the slices fry on both sides until golden, you drain them and allow them to cool on a bed of pater towels. I waited until they were cool enough to handle and then I started rolling them up with grated cheese inside.

Lidia uses a caper inside each one, which I would love, but we were out of capers and my kids would never eat them if there was an unfamiliar surprise inside.

I also didn’t have toothpicks, and I wanted these to be grab-able, so I used a skewer to make a place for a little carrot matchstick to slide in.  It actually gave them a nice little crunch and reminded me of veggie tempura sushi.

In the end, one of my kids popped these into her mouth one after the other, while the other one had a reaction I will not describe, but reminded me of that scene in the movie Big when the man-child realizes he’s just eaten fish-eggs.

Oh, well. It’s not like I spent any amount of time standing over a hot sizzling stove to make these.

(Can you hear the guilt dripping off with the excess oil?)

The Flying Zucchini Brothers!!!!!


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