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Life is really short.  If your kid wants to wear flip-flops in winter or way-too-early-spring, I say let them.  I get it: once you learn to flip AND flop, it’s hard to go back to shoes that just shuffle around under your feet.  But  it just doesn’t seem right letting a kid freeze their toes off just to look cool (unless they are on campus and they feel the need to prove just how much they NEED their high priced education). So, they need at least some socks!

Here’s what you need:

  • a pair of socks
  • a bit of cardboard
  • a marker
  • a pin
  • a sewing machine
  • scissors

First, trace the foot on a piece of cardboard (not just paper) and be sure to draw between the big toe and the “other” less important toes (a good time run through Bill Murray’s speech from Stripes).

Now cut out the pattern.  You will use it like this for one sock and you will flip it to make the other one (unless your kid is like the guy from Best in Show, hopefully with slightly thinner eyebrows).

With the sock inside-out, you slide the cardboard in like this to make it look like a duck flipper.

Now make your way to the machine, and locate the point where you need to start sewing (a little insurance policy to keep you from sewing the cardboard to the sock, which would be so frustrating that flip-flops might be banned from your house all together).

Now let the needle down as close as possible to the pin, remove the pin and sew a “V’ shape between the toes, back stitching carefully to keep the sock from raveling once you cut it. Then cut a slit, turn the socks inside out and repeat with the other sock.

There.  Now she’s ready to go out into the snow.


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So, hey.

I know.  I said I’d never do this.  Granted, chances are you never heard me say that, since for all I know you could be a non-English speaking goat herder with a gambling habit looking for online poker and you’ve accidentally found my blog thinking it was something else entirely.  Not that people who fit that profile wouldn’t become instantly enthralled with a blog about creativity, mind you. Why? Because this is gonna be HUGE and EARTH-CHANGING.  I mean I’m SURE it won’t blend in completely with the 6.5 billion other blogs on the subject.

ANYWAY, the point is to get myself to do the projects I want to do. And as with most things, like when you clean your house only because your mother-in-law is coming to town (cross myself  twice and spit on the floor),  it’s easier to get something done when there is a deadline and when there’s a chance someone, however far away or unknown to you, might care or notice.

The other point: I do not like throwing dead people’s things away and dead people (by way of the living) are pretty much always giving me things.  Things like vintage leather handbags or bits of lace or bolts of fabric.  They say (again, the living), “Here, I saw this and thought you’d know what to do with it.”  Now, given the PILES of stuff that fill my studio, I sometimes immediately think of what I COULD do with such items, but then real ideas come to mind (not involving physical violence) and I start sketching.  Actually, my being creative is not the only reason I don’t want to throw those things away.

The truth is, I have yet to wrap my head around the concept that objects (both the silly and the useful)  can outlast people.   I hold my Nonna’s (my grandmother’s) things in my hands and I can’t throw them out. It’s like I’m hanging on, however ironically, for dear life….or to some connection to hers. But it gets brighter and lighter when I see a new use for an old thing, and that gives me purpose, too.

So, let’s just see. Maybe this sounds okay with you and you’ll come back next Thursday (provided that the goats don’t chew through your power cord) to see the most recent thing I’ve made. (In the meantime, check out http://www.ChiddaDa.etsy.com to see some of my stuff.)

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